17 Provinces In Thailand Hit By Floods, 6 Dead

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Heavy rain in many parts of the country had caused floods in 17 provinces, leaving six people dead and one person missing, Promlert, director-general of the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department, said on Monday.

 Mr Chatchai said that since Aug 26 low pressure wedges and the southwesterly monsoon have brought heavy rain to many areas, causing floods in 17 provinces: Mae Hong Son, Lam Pang, Kamphaeng Phet, Kalasin, Buri Ram, Samut Prakan, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Nakhon Ratchasima, Phetchabun, Loei, Phayao, Nan, Sukhothai, Phitsanulok, Phichit, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai.

The floods hit 302 villlages in 71 tambons of 37 districts, affecting 8,051 households. Six people were killed and one person was still missing.

The situation had eased in 14 provinces, but not in Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Phichit. In Chiang Rai, flash floods hit 217 villages in 35 tambons if 11 districts, affecting 5,884 households and 11,200 people. Damage had been caused to 17,479 rai of farmland, 161 fish ponds, 51 roads, two schools, 26 bridges and two weirs.

Hardest hit were Wiang Chiang Rung and Phaya Mengrai districts. In Phichit, Khlong Wang Daeng canan had overflowed to flood the Thap Khlo municipality in Thap Khlo district. The water in the municipality was 50-80cm deep. In Chiang Mai, flash floods caused flooding in Sri Ping Muang, Fa Mai and Pratu Kom communities and on Siriyawong and Sri Ping Muang roads in the municipality area. The average water depth was 50cm.

Public health permanent secretary Narong Sahametapat said he had ordered 79 hospitals in flood-hit provinces to be ready to provide emergency medical services.

The hospitals had to be prepared as flooding may disrupt fresh water and electricity supplies.

He said five hospitals had been partially damaged by floods. Three of them are in Chiang Rai, one in Nan and another in Lampang, he added. Dr Narong said a total of 13 mobile medical units had been deployed  to flood-stricken areas in Lamphun, Chiang Rai, Nan and Phayao, and they had treated more than 1,100 patients so far.

Most patients did not have serious illnesses, but suffered muscle pains, rashes or headaches. Twenty-one of the patients were found to be highly stressed because of the flooding.

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