‘Fireball’ reported over Colorado

KUSA – Many people say they saw a fireball streak across the sky around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night.

Snapshot - 111
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“The bright ones are kind of rare,” said Seth Hornstein, Director of the Sommers-Bausch Observatory at the University of Colorado. “We see typically about three or so of them a year, that get significantly bright.”

The one seen Tuesday night was one of those rare ones. A Centennial man emailed 9NEWS and said he and several family members saw the fireball from their home. They weren’t the only ones.

Anyone can go and report a sighting on the American Meteor Society’s web site. On the site, residents in at least 18 different cities around Colorado say they saw the meteor. Some of the cities include Fountain, Evergreen, Boulder, Pueblo, Estes Park Littleton, Aurora and Arvada.

Hornstein estimates the meteor was probably the size of a sports ball, anywhere from a baseball to a volleyball. While that doesn’t sound very big, he says they’re typically the size of a grain of sand or a pebble.

“The bigger they are, the brighter they are, the easier they are to see, so yea, it was probably visible from most of Colorado, southern Wyoming area,” said Hornstein. “I’ve heard reports with this one, that some people saw some breakup of the actual meteor itself.”

The Sommer-Bausch Observatory has a sky camera, which would typically capture the meteor, but it was taken down several months ago as part of a construction project. It’s expected to be reinstalled in the next couple of weeks.

Click Above Image For Video Report From 9 News

Source: KUSA-TV – 9news http://www.9news.com/


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