Hundreds Dead In India, Pakistan After The Worst Floods In Decades

Monsoon rains have claimed the lives of at least 236 people across Pakistan and India, and the situation could only get worse with more rain forecasted for the coming days. The heavy rain has sparked flooding, landslides and roof collapses across both countries, creating dangerous conditions in the Indian controlled area of Kashmir and far eastern Pakistan.

All told, at least 128 people have been killed in Pakistan and another 108 killed in Floods PakistanIndia from heavy rain related catastrophes. Most were killed when the roofs of their homes collapsed..

Dozens of bridges have been damaged or destroyed, more than 4,000 homes across the country collapsed partially or completely, rendering thousands homeless. Homes in Pakistani villages are often built with mud bricks and without concrete foundations, making them vulnerable to collapse under heavy rains.

In India, authorities put the death toll at 108 people, including some 30 people killed when a bus filled with a wedding party washed away in a flooded stream. Four passengers managed to swim away, but others remain unaccounted for.

Authorities say the flooding is the worst seen in decades in some regions.  Authorities also fear the death toll may rise as more flooding and rain is forecast for the coming days.


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