Wild Weather Batters Australia

Wild winds have given way to flash flooding across Melbourne on Tuesday afternoon after damaging winds, hail and rain bucketed down on the city.

There are reports of flash flooding in Melbourne’s inner north and eastern suburbs and a roof collapse in Camberwell.

After an eventful night and morning – during which damaging gusts overturned sheds, trampolines, power lines and trees – the Bureau of Meteorology downgraded a severe weather warning issued on Monday, deeming central Victoria and Melbourne metro relatively safe from battering winds as of midday on Tuesday.

Duty forecaster Gary Missen said thunderstorms and rain will replace strong gusts in the afternoon, lashing Melbourne’s eastern fringes and much of eastern Victoria in particular from 3pm.

“Although the winds will start to back off a little bit to about 55km/h … there will be some strong winds associated with thunderstorms this evening,” Mr Missen said.

Fawkner Beach residents experienced the strongest winds of up to 139km/h on Tuesday, he said, while heavy rain lashed Port Phillip Bay from mid-morning and into the afternoon.

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