Tempers flare as mass flood evacuations begin in Kashmir

Floods that have killed 450 people in India and Pakistan began to recede on Wednesday giving rescue teams a chance to evacuate thousands of villagers stranded by the heaviest rainfall in 50 years in the heavily militarised and disputed region of Kashmir.

On the Indian side of the divided region, floods and landslides have cut off more than 1 million people from basic services, triggering a massive military rescue operation that has so far evacuated 80,000 from villages and city rooftops.

Tempers rose on Wednesday with some angry that relief efforts were only reaching them six days after the floods began. Others complained about living conditions in temporary camps.

Villagers heckled some soldiers and beat a rescue official who was airlifted for emergency treatment.

The flooding is the first major humanitarian emergency under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and also comes at a difficult time for Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who has faced weeks of street protests aimed at forcing him out.

“There are some villages where everything has been swept away. People are extremely angry, frustrated and exhausted,” Indian police official R.K. Khan said.

Many phone lines in the region have been down since the weekend. A police official estimated that thousands were yet to be evacuated.

State Chief Minister Omar Abdullah vowed to restore emergency services.

“I know people have lost everything. We promise to rehabilitate them. No relief and rehab camps can be perfect. We are doing all we can,” Abdullah told reporters.

He said the priority was to distribute clean drinking water, medicines, food for infants and prevent the spread of water-borne diseases.

The prime ministers of India and Pakistan offered each other help at the weekend to deal with the disaster, which temporarily diverted attention from fighting along the border.

Source: Reuters.. Read Much More Here…  http://in.reuters.com/article/2014/09/10/southasia-floods-idINKBN0H50ES20140910


One thought on “Tempers flare as mass flood evacuations begin in Kashmir”

  1. The type flash floods, snows, fire, earth quakes and volcanic eruptions we witness today are only going to increase exponentially. It relates to exponential increase in heat being released into the environment. Time and again nature has shown how she can punish civilizations that live in illusions and against her. There is a simple PRINCIPLE AND DESIGN on which she works to sustain the heat and temperature of earth within in limits. As she is pushed to limit she reacts. Knowing this is the only means we can survive from her fury. The catastrophic end to which the world is moving is evident. These types of destruction would exponentially grow till humanity awakens to truth. I by grace had predicted it and even personally wrote it to leaders of nations and organizations that determine our fate. But they live in ego and maximum illusion running after material gains and power. I am positive but I am not sure how much destructions, nations should endure before it awaken to truth – http://www.scribd.com/doc/161586906/Energy-to-Matter-Ratio-A-New-Vision-to-Understand-Global-Climate-Change-and-to-deal-with-it


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