California community devastated by fast-moving wildfire

Strong winds sent fire raging through the small California town of Weed on Tuesday. Firefighters evacuated the town as the massive blaze destroyed cars, buildings and over 100 homes. The brutal drought that has gripped the state has made conditions ripe for wildfire.


One thought on “California community devastated by fast-moving wildfire”

  1. Earth is self-balancing or organizing system. This organization is reflected in energy cycle manifesting as day and night and climatic cycles. In the process it controls the temperature through heat and energy flow. When environmental heat or energy increases the flow accelerates and changes becomes rapid and catastrophic. From industrial era we have been exponentially increasing the heat of the environment and upsetting the principle and design on which earth works. We are now pushing earth to her third critical point at which she can react violently destroying the civilization. we are facing it world over. We are no match to nature and her forces. I have been trying for decades to call the world’s attention to it. If we do not awaken we would end in giving huge price- it is time to awaken – the fallowing article shed light on it


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