Signs Of Change Aug/Sept 2014 | Flood Of Extremes (8)

The world has been plagued by a flood of extremes in recent weeks and in some areas, it’s been relentless. Various calamities have taken place the past month or so..

My apologies for not giving you the entire month of September but I had no PC for much of it. I’ll do my best to deliver those events in the next webisode. Thanks for watching and stay safe.

Thank you to the ones that share on my Facebook everyday. You guys are great and really reliable sources and I can’t do these without your help….

*This series does not mean the world is ending! These are documentaries of series of extreme weather events which are leading to bigger earth changes. If you’re following the series, then you’re seeing the signs. It’s much more than one video!

Kammarheit – The Poignant
Fired Earth Music – Thunder Dawn
John Murphy – Sunshine
City Of The Fallen – Healing Of Nations



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