UFO Mothership Seen On Live TV In Erie Pennsylvania, 3rd One This Week

Video shows a mothership hovering in the Pennsylvanian skies over Erie during the 11 O’clock news. This is the latest in a series of videos that show unidentified flying objects in the background of news reports.

In the first incident, a Scottish man, Vincent Smith from Blantyre in Scotland was watching the live telecast of the Hong Kong protests on BBC when he spotted a UFO in the protest video on his television screen. Snapshot - 171The incident occurred on Sept. 30, when Smith was recording the protests. He suddenly saw a bright green object flying in the sky while the pro-democracy protests were going on.


Another unidentified flying object was captured over the shoulder of weather specialist Colette Provencher during a TVA broadcast in Montreal on Oct. 2.  The bright green Snapshot - 172
object was thought to be a meteor as first reported by the media, then classified as space junk however, no debris has been found as of this time.


With sightings on the rise once again, I’m sure we’ll continues to see more of these videos come out as the days go on. Keep you cameras handy and keep your eyes to the skies during this recent surge of activity.

For more UFO news check out Mister Enigma’s YouTube channel for more.



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