Tornado Filmed Sweeping Across UK Motorway

The dramatic moment a tornado blew across a motorway in Merseyside has been caught on video.

The footage was taken by a passenger travelling on the M53 in Wirral on Wednesday evening.

The Met Office has confirmed the film shows a genuine tornado.

“Although it is unusual that we obtain footage of a tornado in the UK, it can occasionally occur, and this sighting is a tornado,” a spokesman said.

Locals began posting on social media about the twister.

Natalie Clarke wrote on Facebook: “That was over my house! I knew it was a tornado as it was the wildest wind I’ve ever seen in my life – bins and garden furniture went flying and seconds later it was as calm as anything.”

Another poster, Nathan Kennedy, added: “OMG!!!! Why is this happening? It is lucky no one was seriously injured or killed.”

The footage was posted on YouTube by Matthew Hughes and Rob Halley.

Apparent tornadoes also struck in Cumbria and Derbyshire.

Firefighters in Alfreton, Derbyshire, responded to callouts including a house that lost a roof.

The Met Office confirmed that winds of up to 60mph would hit parts of the UK on Thursday – but the country was unlikely to see more tornadoes.


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