Incredible Tornado in Vryheid, South Africa

A massive tornado roared across a field near Dundee, South Africa, over the weekend. Photos and videos of the twister have been posted to social media.

“There were no injuries reported but more than 20 houses were caught in the tornado’s path,” according to It is the second tornado reported in South Africa this month, with sightings of another twister in Carolina, Mpumalanga, on Nov. 14.

More tornadoes occur in South Africa than any other nation in Africa, according to the book Extreme Weather by Christoper Burt. “South Africa is often hit by violent thunderstorms during the summer months of November through February, and these storms sometimes produce devastating hailstorms and tornadoes,” Burt wrote.

An outbreak in 1952 killed 31 people near Johannesburg, he reported.


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